Unlock Telstra T-Touch Tab and Upgrade to Android 2.2

Hi all

I have a T-Touch that I got to check out for its OS. It had Android 2.1 and was locked to Telstra.

Was really a piece of crap, crashed a lot, and was a pain that it was locked to Telstra, ( I didn’t want to pay for a third sim.) I do have a spare Optus Sim (Amaysim)

I had seen some hacks to upgrade here and there but lost interest in it. I did check to see from time to time if anything had changed on the unlock front. It has.

On the the official Huawei site there is an update to Android 2.2 there, After downloading it and following the instructions to update it

I was surprised to see how much better the device was.  (Still no iPad)

I also tried an Optus sim in it and found that it worked as well. So, you get Android 2.2 that makes the device a lot better to use and it seems to unlock as well!

Downloads and info can be found here http://huawei.com.au/products-services/telstra-t-touch-tab/



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