Full car wiring loom for a 1934 Ford Tudor Rally Car.

Full car wiring loom for a 1934 Ford Tudor Rally Car that will compete all over the world.
Motec PDM30, Air Conditioning, Electric Power Steering.

Can follow the car on its travels on Facebook – Ford Called Sheila

2014-12-24 17.08.28

2014-12-24 17.08.36

2014-12-24 17.08.44

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Motec ADL Dash Loom

Loom Using
Autosport Connector
Deutsch Connectors
Tefzel Wire
Concentric Twisting
Service Loops
Rachem Shrink

2015-05-01 13.53.09

2015-05-01 13.52.51

2015-05-01 13.52.28


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Test Equipment

Running some tests using new function generator.



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Latest News

Been a long time between posts here, work and live very busy.

Also had some hosting issues which have been sorted with a new host.

Update is im doing most of my work contracting for Les Collins Racing in Warragul.

Les Collins Racing Website.

Les Collins Racing Youtube Channel.


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Voyager GPS Mount WR250R

Mount fabricated to fit a Voyager GPS Speedo to my WR250F Bike.

Supplied bracket was crap.


20130224_190322 20130225_165422



More Pics here on Flickr:


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2011 Alpine Rally

Hi all
Have just returned from the 2011 Alpine Rally held over 3 days around Lakes Entrance Vic
I had planed on taking a lot of videos from the 10 spectator points however due to there being a lot of rain and several being cancelled I only ended
up with 1 video from spectator point 8 Long Hill & Colquhoun.

The video i did get if from the first 18 cars starting with Geoff Portman. It also finishes with Geoff at the end. I did this to demonstrate the difference
between him and the rest of the field at that spectator point.

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Video I took from the Rally Victoria ARC Rally

Hi All,

Some videos I took at the Rally Victoria over the weekend. All taken with the iPhone 4S

All in HD

All videos are on my Youtube Channel


Please Subscribe

Ill be posting more of the upcoming Alpine Rally 2011

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Autronic SM3 EFI Loom

Aurtonic SM3 Loom I just finished for a Supercharged test/development engine.




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Lamborghini Espada.

Something a little differant, tune and ignition upgrade on a Lamborghini Espada.

Converted from twin dissy – twin point to full electronic multi spark ignition.


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M600 Motec install on V6 AWD Magna – Super Charge Conversion.

Hi All

Latest job, M600 Motec install on AWD Magna V6 – Super Charger Conversion.
My part of the job was to fit the M600 and wire up.
Program M600 and tune on dyno.
The wiring needed to be fully removable and put back to standard simply by unpluging
the M600 ECU and removing the loom.

Everything on the job can be removed and put back to standard.

Car made aprox 350HP (About the limit of the transmission) And is very nice to drive.
Runs as smooth as a standard car but with twice the grunt.






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